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About Us

Ecuador SAP (Study Abroad Program) Foundation

This foundation is the brainchild of Prof Ruben Fuentes who made his studies in New York, USA. Seasoned traveler, Prof Ruben Fuentes share the desire to seize the immense opportunities that the Ecuador offers for international education and sustainable development. Working in Ecuador's educational environment since 2009, he creates this foundation for helping international students to come to Ecuador and explore this beautiful country through course work, community activities, and cultural experiences. In addition to this, he developed an unique and inspiring global partnership program for getting discounts in study abroad programs around the world. Our global partners offer to international students the opportunity to enroll in a consortium of local universities with a special discount, choose from specialized curricula, work with a culturally diverse faculty, and participate in a variety of community-based, service learning experiences. 

With a background in global management, Prof Ruben Fuentes has shaped Ecuador's development-driven educational travel landscape like no other. As the President/CEO of the Ecuador SAP Foundation, he provides the strategic and visionary leadership for our partnership and the development of our programs.

Today, after 4 years, the group operates in 11 countries in Germany, Spain, Italy, China, UK, Canada, USA, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay. Ecuador SAP Foundation has representations in Westchester, New York and Guayaquil/Ecuador.