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Ecuador SAP (Study Abroad Program) Foundation

Your donation will help to protect an important part of the planet that brings balance to the ecosystem and is home for thousands of unique species in the world. With accurate knowledge and based on environmental awareness, the aim is to raise the necessary amount of funds for helping Galapagos, Yasuni National Park and our foundation.

With your help, we can keep alive an important area of the Amazon jungle, an especial place that preserves inside the essence of exotic and unique species worldwide. Also, we can help to protect the biodiversity of The Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador SAP Foundation believes in the power of collaboration and investments in local capacity. As a result, Ecuador SAP has avoided increasing its staff around the world, favoring investments in local and national organizations that, in the long run, will have the authority and responsibility for protecting these extraordinary world treasures.

National Geographic film about The Galapagos Islands

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