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Special Gift For Our Partners

2012 Galapagos Conservancy Calendar

each month features a stunning photograph of Galapagos flora, fauna, or scenery.

Embroidered Bio-Wash Chino Cap

Show your support for Galapagos wherever you go with this lightweight cap! Embroidered with the Galapagos Conservancy logo.

Galapagos Conservancy Keychain

Stainless Steel Galapagos Conservancy keychain etched with our logo and the iconic Galapagos Tortoise. Approximately 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Brewery Glass

Pour yourself a cold drink, sit back, close your eyes, and picture yourself in Galapagos watching blue-footed boobies dance, tortoises amble along, and waved albatrosses soar.