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The Ecuador SAP Foundation


Our mission

"Ecuador SAP Foundation is a global abroad program with special discount opportunities"
Our mission is to create impactful short-term experiences for international professionals and students that enrich their education and lead to sustainable development in emerging countries. Ecuador SAP is the only foundation focused exclusively on helping the international students to get big discounts in abroad programs around the world. Our foundation has provided financial support to international students, channeling twenty-thousands of dollars in scholarships, which now stands at $30 thousands in net worth. The organization's single focus has allowed it to target its communications and funding to projects specific to Ecuador biodiversity conservation, global abroad programs and to work with organizations and individuals whose vision and mission are aligned with these goals.
Ecuador SAP Foundation is partnership of universities,colleges, organizations, foundations, public and private sector dedicated to strengthening Ecuador's position as a global center of study abroad programs, promoting global education in different areas around the world not just in Ecuador.

Ecuador SAP Foundation presents a compelling opportunity. As our means of imaging improve, we develop a better understanding of how our abroad programs work and how they impact around the world.


Our vision

"Catalyzing the ecosystems and biodiversity conservation in Ecuador, and internationally"