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Our Staff

Ecuador SAP Foundation SAF was established in 2009.  The organization currently works in eleven countries and maintains fully staffed offices in the US, and Ecuador. Our Foundation provides guidance and support services throughout their experience in the global abroad program. Before departure, students may contact our Ecuador SAP Managers with any questions or concerns. Once students arrive overseas, our resident coordinator leads orientation programs and are be available to students at all times for academic and personal support and practical advice. They work to enhance students' experience through planned cultural activities, lectures, field study trips, and social events.

Prof Ruben Fuentes, President/CEO

Ruben is driven by his two passions of international education and sustainable development. As the founder of the Ecuador SAP, he is responsible for the overall strategic leadership, the development of partnerships and the creation of visionary programs that lead to our unique impact in the global abroad programs. His academic background is in banking administration, business administration, finance and global management. In addition to this, he has spent 8 years in the field of international education, serving as a Resident Coordinator in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Gordon Feathers,SAP Manager (USA)

Born in New York, USA, Gordon has spent most of his life working in the education area. After graduating with a B.S, at St. John's University and M.S, Ph.D, at North Carolina State University. He gained practical experience working with top tourism organizations in New York. Gordon has a great passion for teaching mathematics, and the environment and natural history.

Banavara Narasimhaswamy, SAP Manager (USA)

Born in India, Banavara earned a B.E, at Bangalore University, India. Banavara's participation in education abroad dates back almost a decade when he earned a M.A, at Goethe Institute, Germany, M.B.A, at St. John's University and Ph.D., City University of New York. He is professionally qualified as a teacher and counselor, and He has developed programmers of study in Germany, Canada and China.