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Student Visa

General Direction of Immigration and Foreign services - 5 Student Visa 12-V

Visa is granted to:

Students wishing to begin, complete or improve their education in government or private facilities with government recognition.


Written request signed by the applicant or the legal representative in case of minors, addressed to the Ecuadorian Foreign Service Officer serving in the place of residence of the applicant, or in the nearest place.

Visa Application Form with passport-size photographs on a white background, to fill the form visit www.mmrree.gob.ec.

Registration or admission certificate from a recognized Ecuadorian Educational Institution. The applicant must demonstrate that his/her studies will be for at least six months within a consecutive period of one year.

The applicant must demonstrate that he/she will receive a credit from a national or foreign institution, that he/she has the necessary resources for individual or family living or has a deposit in a national or international bank in Ecuador for at least $ 1,000 for the school year (Article 43 of the Immigration Law), this deposit will allow the student to withdraw funds, on a monthly basis, for their living

If the foreign student has dependants relatives, the deposit will increase by $ 500 U.S. for each person.

If the foreign student has Ecuadorians or immigrants relatives who ensure their livelihood, such deposit is not required.

For protection visas for family members, a marriage and /or birth certificate duly authenticated or apostille, must be attached.

Visa Validity:

A minimum period of six months, and a maximum of one year (renewable).

Note: 12-V Visa is not renewable is the student fails the course