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Visas for working in Ecuador

If you to wish to stay on to work in Ecuador....

If you to wish to stay on to work in Ecuador, we recommend that you get a temporary visa called the "Visa Actos de Comercio 12 IX", which you can apply for from your home country without sponsorship. You can obtain a list of the requirements for the Actos de Comercio 12 IX from your national Ecuadorian embassy or consulate. This entitles you to stay in Ecuador and undertake economic activity for up to six months. Thereafter, if you intend to stay longer, you need a regular work visa, which must be granted through the application of a sponsoring employer. You need two documents to obtain a work visa : your university or technical degree and certificate showing that you have no criminal record. Both of these documents must be authenticated with an "Apostille" from the Foreign Office or Department of State. Ecuadorian visa laws are changing frequently. It is essential that you check current regulations. If you decide to arrive without a visa, you will likely be granted a 90-day tourist visa in the form of a stamp in your passport.

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