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Why Ecuador SAP Foundation?


Why Ecuador SAP Foundation for abroad programs?
Studying abroad can be one of the most valuable, enriching experiences of your life...IF you choose the right program! To help you through this sometimes confusing and overwhelming process, talk to the experts at Ecuador SAP. We understand your questions and concerns because we have personally dealt with the same issues. We have gone to great lengths to make the process of choosing and applying for a quality study abroad program easier than ever.
All of our staff members have studied and/or lived abroad for extended periods. Collectively, we have traveled to more than 30 countries. Since the early 2000's, we have used our expertise and experience to help more than 2,000 people study abroad.

As you search for a study abroad program, you will likely note that prices vary by provider. Some providers require students to pay several deposit fees thus bulking up the costs of their programs. This is because they have larger administrative costs, employ their own staff on-site, offer overpriced excursions/student activities, spend more on catalogs and marketing and/or require a higher profit margin. Each year, Ecuador SAP foundation sends thousands of people abroad on a variety of educational travel programs. In addition, we pride ourselves on evaluating and working closely with the local staff at partner organizations, universities or institutions so we don't need to employ additional on-site staff and charge you more because of it.

The bottom line is that Ecuador SAP Foundation is able to price our SAP (study abroad program) below most study abroad organizations even though you will be attending the exact same universities as offered by other providers.


Student-Friendly Prices





More Scholarships

Our mission as an foundation is to encourage people to study abroad. We are fully aware that as college students, you have seemingly never-ending expenses with very little personal income. We have all been there! Thank goodness for parents, student loans and scholarships or very few of us would be earning a degree. Even though our SAP (study abroad programs) are priced lower than other providers, they are still some of the more expensive study abroad programs we offer. To help you reach your study abroad goals, we offer more scholarships for these programs than any of our other programs.

Our College Semester Abroad programs take place at fully accredited, distinguished institutions. We send students to universities that are not only well known in their host country, but also well known to universities in the United States. We work with such institutions because the familiarity of their strong academic programs makes transferring credit much easier.


Quality Academic Programs





Cultural Immersion

Taking college courses abroad is more than studying out of textbooks and taking exams; it's about using your surroundings and simultaneously learning about the culture and country that surrounds you. What you experience outside of the classroom can be applied to your current studies in a SAP program and vice-versa. Students who immerse themselves in the culture of another country will enhance their understanding not only of its people and their culture, but of the country and the region as well.

Each College Semester Abroad program is a unique destination with much to offer. For most of our programs, we offer students the option to participate in cultural activities and excursions by including them in our semester and summer programs. This is because we realize that it may be a bit harder for students to travel during the beginning of their term. We like to provide students with cultural opportunities, which can certainly lead them to participate in more travel options offered by the university or on their own.



Cultural Activities and Excursions





No Headaches With Ecuador SAP Foundation.

We and our partners around the world take care of everything: Class registration, locating lodging, reserving airport pick-up and ensuring your home institution receives your transcripts along with a letter explaining the grading system. Regarding our payment terms and conditions, we do not have any misleading or confusing refund policies. We like to keep this process clear and straightforward by only asking for a one-time deposit. In some cases, a housing security deposit may also be required, which we collect ahead of time. We only accept our sponsor method of payment.

We are dedicated to providing you with strong academic services because we understand how important it is for you to receive college credit when studying abroad. In addition, we can provide you with any important documentation (syllabus, course descriptions, contact hours) of our College Study Abroad programs to assist in program approval. In addition, we can work closely with your university study abroad offices, advisors and faculty to make sure you will be on-track for graduation and that credit-transfer will be as efficient and hassle-free as possible.



Academic Services